Thursday, January 5, 2017

Just Like That, It's 2017

     2016 was a blur. I am not saying that it was an uneventful or bad year. It wasn't either for me. It's just that it came and went so fast. So fast that I didn't even had time to blog. 

     I had a baby girl in 2015 so most of 2016 was spent taking care of my baby and experiencing the joy of watching a human being grow day by day. Sure, the year had it's own challenges. We lost loved ones who succumbed to illness or old age. We had the most number of household staff turn-over this year. There was even a period when I had no help at all and I had to play "stay-at-home mom with a lil gig on the side called a full time job". I had personal health issues. It wasn't an easy year. But when I look back on the past year, I am still filled with joy and gratitude. So yeah, 2016 was a pretty good year.  

     I am welcoming 2017 with the same joy and gratitude with a prayer that this year will be better than the last. I don't really have resolutions, though I should. I have hopes and aspirations. I hope for good health for myself and everyone I know. I am looking forward to becoming a full-fledged homemaker this year, hopefully keeping the current set of powerpuff girls that we have right now for the whole year or longer. Before that keeps me busy, the family hopes to get away for a few days to do some fun boy-kiddie stuff that were postponed because we had a baby. I hope for peace, because I am a beauty queen (Bb. Kinder Pearl, beybeh!), in our hearts and in the world. I hope for Duterte to live forever. I hope for other mushy stuff I'd like to keep to myself. 

      I am looking forward to a productive year at work and at home. At the same time, I am looking forward to holidays and long week-ends. Here's something to help us plan those holidays and long week-ends. So eto na, para lang magka-picture ang blog post na ito. 

       Now, I saw this picture on the FB wall of my cousin Kathrina. From the pic it says that it was created by one Dr. Esna Jain. I find this one-page 2017 calendar to be super .... galing, for lack of a better word. Nalingaw ko. 

Bring it on, 2017!

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

A Minecraft Party

from wikipedia

       I have two sons who are both crazy about Minecraft. It was inevitable that I throw a Minecraft party. It was my second son who requested a Minecraft themed party for his 6th birthday. This one was a bit demanding as he told me all the stuff he wanted for his party that he found in google. He practically drew me a peg board. 

       As usual, I decorated the house for his birthday and he served merienda for his classmates during recess in his school. 

       The following are the pictures of the birthday spread at home:

Afternoon merienda for the people at home.
(Except those who were fasting.)

We blasted some TNTs (Coke & Mentos Bomb)

          The following are the pictures taken during his merienda Kanduri during recess time in his school. They only have a 15-minute break. The food consisted of spaghetti, chicken lollipon, cupcakes and Chuckie choco drink. The loot consisted of gems (chocolates) placed in a Minecraft plastic lootbag and Minecraft minifigures placed in Minecraft cardboard lootbox. 

One Happy Birthday Boy

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Smoothie Challenge


      Aliq and Zayeed have been bugging me for days to allow them to do a smoothie challenge and tonight, I finally gave in.  

       The Smoothie ingredients that they will use are : Milk, Milo, Peanut Butter, Durian Jam, Lemon, Cookies, Mixed Vegetables, Cheese, Banana and Pomelo. The dynamics of this challenge is that they will make a smoothie each made up of five of these ingredients. They will get their respective ingredients by drawing lots. After making the Smoothie, they have to drink it. I think it's gross. They think its fun. 

       Aliq picked cookies, vegetables, cheese, milo and pomelo. Zayeed picked durian jam, lemon, milk, banana and peanut butter. Let's see how the challenge turned out. 

        They enjoyed doing the Smoothie Challenge. And I have to admit, I had fun, too.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Playing Dress Up With My Boys

         I am a mother of two boys. I used to dress them up identically when they were smaller. 

    Now, they like choosing their own clothes. I have a field day when they are asked to wear costumes in school or when they attend costume parties. Though I always consult them as to what they want to wear, I do the execution which is loads of fun for me. 

     The first time I dressed my son in a costume was just for the heck of it. Hahaha. We got a hand-me-down Superman baby costume from my Aunt and we dressed our 3-month old Aliq in it and took pictures.

       For our eldest son's first birthday party, the theme was Tigger and Pooh and we dressed him up in a Tigger costume.  

        A few years later, he tried on the same costume just for laughs. 

      Here is the second son wearing the same Superman costume one halloween (We used to do trick or treat. We don't anymore.) 

Zayeed at 3 months

           That same year, Kuya Aliq wore an off-the-rack Peter Pan costume.

        The year after, it was Zayeed's turn to be Peter Pan (tipid!) while Kuya dressed up like Captain Hook.  Their lil cousin Lexi dressed as Tinkerbell. Coordinated ang characters, syempre!

          There was a year when we spent the end of October in Marawi. Of course, walang trick or treat doon. So when we went out for lunch on the 30th of October, I dressed them up as cowboys anyway. 

           The year after that, we decided not to participate in Halloween activities henceforth. To appease the boys, we joined one mall's Parade of Nations in celebration of United Nations Day. Gustong-gusto talaga nila. Others came as contingents from their respective schools. Pero ang dalawa, sumali lang ng kanila. 

They chose the countries they want to represent. 
Kuya Aliq represented Malaysia while 
Zayeed represented South Korea. 

     During this event, Aliq saw a boy dressed in kilts. He told me that the next year, he likes to represent Scotland. So, he did. 

During a Costume Party in his school last year,
Aliq dressed as a Scot.
         The same costume was used in a Costume Birthday Party just this year. While Zee used Kuya's old Malaysia costume. 

        Now, I would have gladly made Zee another costume, but when asked he said he wanted to use Kuya's old Malaysia costume. He loves following in his brother's footsteps. Gaya-gaya. When Aliq was four and Zee wasn't in school yet, Aliq had to go to school in Barong for Linggo ng Wika. Zee tagged along wearing a Barong, too. 

         In school, there were activities when they have to dress up. And talagang kina-career ko yan. 

Aliq in an apron during
Nutrition Month.
Zee as a farmer.
Eto, nakakahon ang costume.

         As I manifested in this blog post 2 years ago, kahit yang mga korona at pompoms ay kina-career ko. Hehehe. 

            I also dress the boys for Eid. Earlier on, I didn't know where to buy them clothes for the Eid prayer so I had to have them made. Later on, I sourced the clothes earlier from local stores, or from Marawi or even from as far as Egypt. 

        This October, the school  forbade Halloween costumes for their costume party. As the school also discourages store-bought costumes, Aliq went to school dressed up as Emmet from The Lego Movie.

            Zayeed does not have a costume party in his preschool, but he is the first of my sons to become a Cub Scout and he went camping this week (in school lang for the whole day). 

The Cub Scout is Zeerious.

             From our trip, we got the boys authentic Arab get-ups. They are in the closet for now .... just waiting for the time when I get to dress them up again.