Thursday, February 24, 2011

Yellow Friday

EDSA at 25 : Nasaan ka noong 1986 ?

"Sana itong henerasyon ngayon, sila na ang magpatuloy noong ginawa namin noong 1986"  -Sonny Camarillo

In February 25, 1986, I was an eight year-old elementary pupil living with relatives in Davao City. It was a huge household and the family was politically divided. I remember that my Papa Ilyo and my sister Tetet were for the Marcoses while my younger aunts were for Cory and the change she represented. I remember the whole family being glued to the television. I remember my younger aunts celebrating when Marcos fled Malacanang. Because I was pretending to be a lady like my aunts and because its so much fun to "fight" with Tetet, my hands were sporting a Laban sign. But when Marcos was on TV saying his goodbye speech and when video footages of him and his family leaving Malacanang were shown on TV, I remember crying and feeling so guilty because he looked so kawawa. Like it was my fault, he had to leave his Palace and the country.

Now, 25 years after, I am still unsure whether I am "V" or an "L". I did vote for PNoy as my President last May 2010 but I aso voted for Bongbong Marcos as Senator. 

Here is my eldest Aliq, wearing Red but holding his fingers out in a Laban sign. 

I hope I can teach my children nationalism and love of country, like I want their hearts to bleed for their country type of love. Perhaps its time to make them listen to Noel Cabangon.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Masaya si Theresa

Pacquiao's LA Home was featured in MTV cribs. My sister (GBM for Hydration of Coca-cola Export) couldn't be happier. Inside the Pacman's ref are bottles of Powerade. He is not a paid endorser of Powerade (though his wife has dealership of Coca-cola in their home province).

MTV Cribs : Manny Pacquiao