Thursday, February 24, 2011

Yellow Friday

EDSA at 25 : Nasaan ka noong 1986 ?

"Sana itong henerasyon ngayon, sila na ang magpatuloy noong ginawa namin noong 1986"  -Sonny Camarillo

In February 25, 1986, I was an eight year-old elementary pupil living with relatives in Davao City. It was a huge household and the family was politically divided. I remember that my Papa Ilyo and my sister Tetet were for the Marcoses while my younger aunts were for Cory and the change she represented. I remember the whole family being glued to the television. I remember my younger aunts celebrating when Marcos fled Malacanang. Because I was pretending to be a lady like my aunts and because its so much fun to "fight" with Tetet, my hands were sporting a Laban sign. But when Marcos was on TV saying his goodbye speech and when video footages of him and his family leaving Malacanang were shown on TV, I remember crying and feeling so guilty because he looked so kawawa. Like it was my fault, he had to leave his Palace and the country.

Now, 25 years after, I am still unsure whether I am "V" or an "L". I did vote for PNoy as my President last May 2010 but I aso voted for Bongbong Marcos as Senator. 

Here is my eldest Aliq, wearing Red but holding his fingers out in a Laban sign. 

I hope I can teach my children nationalism and love of country, like I want their hearts to bleed for their country type of love. Perhaps its time to make them listen to Noel Cabangon.

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