Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Chowking opened its first branch in Bajada, Davao City in 1998. It was one of the very few restaurants that were open for 24 hours so law students and med students gravitated towards the place to study. In my four years of law school, I spent most of my nights studying at this place, usually from 9:00pm to 2:00am. Since I graduated in 2002, I think I've only been back to Chowking Bajada twice and the last time was more than five years ago.

Until last night when Chow King was the most convenient place to eat. Surprise, surprise. Bonggang bongga na ang interiors.

May Second Floor Pa.

Jonah and Vanessa would have loved these seats outside. Dati ay sa curb lang sila umuupo para magyosi. 

The seating area outside.

The Curb Where They Used To Smoke

Nagchange na rin pala ang logo.

The menu has changed a lot. My old favorites were no longer in the new menu. So I tried the Orange Chicken. Masarap naman. I will go back to take pictures of the food so I can blog about how the food evolved.


  1. ooohhh..it evolved nga! nice. i never liked the food. we were just there to study, period.

  2. hehehe. oo nga, di masarap yung food. so so lang.

  3. Ever since la talagang uber masarap na food sa Chowking except for halo-halo. And I find their meals kinda expensive vis-a-vis the quantity and quality of the food.