Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Inner Imelda

  FACT : A woman's feet grows bigger after giving birth. I guess it grows when you are pregnant and just don't shrink back to its former size. On the eight month of my pregnancy, my feet would be so big I call them Shrek's feet not mine.

I've always worn  size 7.5 shoes during my adulthood. That is, until I gave birth. After my first son, my shoe size grew half an inch. After my second son, it grew another half inch. Now, my shoe size is 8.5W. Stress is on the W for wide. 

When I was in lawschool, I used to have more than a hundred footwear. I had a full closet (ceiling to floor) especially for my shoes. Needless to say, I had to give most of them to my cousin Mabel after I had Aliq. The rest were sold in various garage sales or given away.

At present, I have around twenty pairs of footwear and most of them flipflops so they are not real shoes. With my shoe size, havaianas, fitflops and crocs have been my staples. I get lucky every now and then and find shoes in my size during random shoe-hunting stints, but most times, I go to where I know the shoes would fit ... Naturalizer

While the act of purchasing a pair of shoes feels good enough. The act of going around and trying on pairs after pairs of shoes before deciding which one (or ones) to take home is really the fun part. And this part has been taken away from me. I don't even bother with the local brands anymore so I won't get frustrated.

That is until my friend Jayvee from work introduced me to Boardwalk shoes being sold through direct-selling. I liked her shoes and asked if I could fit it and it does. Their size 9 fits my feet just right (not too long as is usually the case). I immediately asked another co-worker for her catalogue and ordered two pairs. The shoes arrived today and I love them both.

Before opening the catalogue, I knew I wanted this one. 

The PomPoms are just the cutest. 

 But I also ordered this one coz I love the hint of pink.

It makes my feet look leaner. 

I need not even leave my seat to go window shopping as their catalogue is available online. Yey !

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  1. try Janylin. They always have big sizes. Mabilis maubos yung size ko (im 7). Often 8 or 9 ang natitira.