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   If the whole ka-O.A.-yan of the Bar Exams and the release  of the Bar Exams Results were to be the basis, then I totally belong to this profession. 

 The whole four Sundays of the Bar Exams are  a big deal.

Taft Avenue is closed. Traffic is rerouted for a whole day. 

A whole flock of lawyers and law students from the whole country hold parties vigil the whole day for four Sundays. After the last exam on the last Sunday of September, there's a fiesta and the streets would reek of beer. Totally OA. I loved it. 

Media Coverage
Party ! Party !

The Salubong - Last Sunday of the Bar

    Rumors on the date of the release of the results would spread like wildfire and the examinees would go crazy in anticipation. This is usually in  March, some six months after the exam. Then finally, D-day. 

  In Manila, most examinees together with their friends, lovers, relatives, officemates flock to the Supreme Court to wait for the release of the results. Super tensyon !! As in, parang may rally sa Supreme Court. 

Used to be that names were posted. Then they went high-tech and the names were flashed in the screen  through an LCD projector. What torture for those whose lastnames start with XYZ.

Most pictures from Everybody Loves Raymund

  Dito sa probinsya Davao City, used to be that we had to wait for friends in the Supreme Court to fax a copy of the list of passers to the lawschool. So examinees (the brave ones), their friends, lovers, families, officemates would flock outside the law school office waiting for the result. Before I had kids, I made sure to go to law school every year for this. I love the waiting, the tension, the anticipation and the euphoria. Super OA.  I loved it.

  There was also that one year when a dear dear friend whom I have spent the whole day with waiting for the results flunked.  I remember leaving the law school office in tears wondering how I'd tell the friend who was waiting in the car. Everyone was hugging and consoling me. OA to the max. I loved it.

   This year is so anti-climactic. The results were posted online  even before the Justices released the names of passers in the Supreme Court. My aunt Judge E, was in Supreme Court last night waiting for the results. Naunahan ko pa sya when I checked the results online. Iba na. But still people flocked to the Supreme Court and the law schools. 

   Congratulations to all the bar passers especially to the  new lawyers from Ateneo de Davao College of Law. O, may number 4 kami. 

    Congratulations to all TAU MU lawyers. Mae Sam, Lala Dulla, Mariness Ledesma,  Jong Cortez, Jaja Almazan, Sol Marie Andoy, Janice Busque, George Omelio, Jr.,  Ryan Erik Santiago and  Mark Cyrus Uno. 
    Here is the Ateneo de Davao College of Law statistics for this year. Not bad.
    My cousin Mae Sam passed the Bar Exams this year. Congratulations Atty. Mae Sam and to my aunt, Atty. Bebot Sam. 
Atty Bebot Sam and Atty Mae Sam

   Perhaps the 2011 Bar Exams would be a whole different experience. Different month - November instead of September. Different school - UST instead of La Salle. Different street - España instead of Taft. Different type of exam - 60% essay 40 % multiple choice instead of purely essay questions . Let's just wait and see. 

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