Thursday, March 31, 2011

Local Ikea

   When we were little, we had Ikea catalogues lying around the house and I'd flip through the pages mentally designing my "dream bedroom" from the furnitures in the catalogue. I still do that now, except that now I browse the online Ikea catalogue instead of the thick ones taken from the store.

    I have been to one Ikea store in Causeway, Hongkong. I had a wonderful time. I didn't get to buy a lot of stuff because I was so overwhelmed and didn't want to pay for excess baggage. I've been wanting to go to Singapore solely to shop in Ikea. And when I learned from Real Living Magazine that online seller 5Corners now has a shop in Five Corners at the 2nd floor of Madison at Pioneer Street, Mandaluyong,  I couldn't wait for my next trip to Manila.

   A visit to Five Corners has already been scheduled on April 9 but this is already cancelled because a family member brought my attention to an Ikea Reseller here in Davao City.

It is located along McArthur Highway, Matina, Davao City,
in front of Ateneo de Davao University.

In the space that used to be occupied by Baro.

    I was able to sneak in some free time while my boys were taking their nap and finally had the chance to go there last Monday. I was really kilig all over while browsing through their stocks. I was so in Ikea heaven that I forgot to take pictures inside. According to the shopgirl Sheendee, who was most helpful, their new stocks have arrived but were not on display yet. You can view their merchandise in their Facebook page.

    Here are my favorite pieces from their collection,  with respective prices.
Kalas Plate Set and Cutlery Set - 250 PHP per set

Lampan Table Lamp - 350.00PHP

Forsiktig Children's Stool - 350.00PHP

Ikea Bonus Cutlery Set - 350 PHP

PRUTA Food Storage Set - 450 PHP

Ikea Gulholmen Rocking Chair - 3,800 PHP
   Someday my boys' room (when they get to have their own room) will have these Ikea pieces.

Here is the contact information for Me and Luc.



  1. hello, thanks for the blog , let me know via facebook if u'll drop by again as our new stocks are already on display :) added u up on facebook, again many thanks :) -John of ME & Luc

  2. Nice blog! :-) Dropped by the store earlier this afternoon to pay for my reserved items - the DUKTIG cookware set and the KALAS plate, cups and cutlery set. And because it was finally on display, I bought a bar of dark chocolate as well. There are other really nice items in the store. Me and Luc is a must-go store :-)

  3. Somebody stop me from going here. I am a hardware, interiorsware, everything decorativeware shoppaholic haha! Clohes, shoes and bags are a no no for me. but stuff like these, delikado ang bulsa ko.

  4. Go Chona !!! Just buy one thing everytime you go there para dili butas ang bulsa. Was there this Tuesday and the stocks are new.