Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Andres Would Have Been Proud

When en route from Manila to Davao, I usually take the afternoon flight to give me time for some last-minute pasalubong shopping at what is slowly becoming my favorite place in the Metro, Fort Bonifacio.

I enjoy how I could go get my boys some white statement shirts 
at my favorite white statement-shirt store at LaLaughKa in  Market!Market!,

2009 : Aliq and Zee had one each.  Now : Zee wears Aliq's Shirt

Zayeed has this shirt.

Recently Bought for Zayeed

Get myself some useless butingtings at Japan Home  in Market!Market!,

Hello Kitty Rings for the Boys  :-)
Inflatable Rings at 88php each

Inflatable Mickey Bats, I love it ! 88php each.
It's pretty big but they can't hurt each other with this.
One for Aliq and One for Zayeed
I've always loved magic cups. 2 for 88php.

Magic Baso !

Buy books and pens at Fully Booked in High Street,

My "Bag" Pen.

Make a Statement When You Sign Your Name.
A Set of Five Books for Aliq

Grab colored pens, biscuits and some more useless butingtings 

Pink is My Favorite Color.

The boys love their Alphabet Cookies.

And eat a really good lunch at Italianni's all in a span of less than three hours. 

Tet's Order Which We Devoured
Maya & I both had shrimps and tomatoes with our pasta.
Mine was spicy and was called "Shrimp Fra Diablo".

Then, I head to the airport which is only a five to twenty-minute drive depending on whether I am taking Cebu Pacific or Philippine Airline


  1. Boni High and Serendra are my fave places in Manila, aside from Greenbelt and Rockwell. When I'm in Boni High I feel like I'm not in the Philippines. Feeling European haha! A visit at Boni High is not complete without me dropping by my fave shops/restos: Hobbes and Landes (my uber fave, I'm so childish), Make Room, iStudio, Contis, Krispy Kreme, Thai At Silk, etc. etc. The next time you'll visit, dropby Mercato Che, it's their new night food market. :)

  2. I love Hobbes and Landes too. Just didn't get the chance to go there last weekend coz I already had too much luggage. Aliq loves it there too coz he can play with Lego. I usually don't eat at the same place twice so I can try them all but was in a rush and kapoy magisip so Italiannis na lang para sure na sarap. I will try Mercato next time. Thanks.