Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Doc Mike

     I have always declared that I have the best pediatrician ever. While he wasn't my first choice when my first son was born because we preferred a female pediatrician, we transferred our baby to his care because of a urinary tract infection he had at birth. We never looked backed since.

     I am from Ateneo and one of the things that I was taught that actually stuck is that when you deliver a service, you should do so with CURA PERSONALIS (as the Jesuits would say). That's exactly how I feel with Doc Mike, I feel that although we are just regular patients, he gives us PERSONAL CARE. He always takes his time during consultations. He gave me his cellphone number for queries, his only guideline is that when we text, we include the name of the patient and the age of the patient. He does not only text back when I message him, he sometimes even calls me when he wants to verify some of the symptoms. (When I text him now, I include every minute detail na coz I feel dyahe when he calls.)  He also gave me his home phone number which I only have to use once.

    One Christmas, as in December 25, Aliq's coughing has gone from bad to worse to worst, and we called him. He agreed to open his clinic on December 26 for us and one more patient.  On another occasion, it was Zee whose coughing has gone bad and he wasn't holding clinic on a Saturday, he agreed to meet us on his clinic on a Sunday. My children have asthma so coughing is a serious matter. It really meant a lot to us that he goes out of his way to ensure my children's good health.

He holds clinic at  Davao Doctors Hospital .
Clinic Hours begin at 12PM. 
Call Mayette at 2286115 for queries.

He advertises Primus Review & Training Center on his clinic.
His wife is a nurse. 

He is the Medical Director of  LaVie Dialysis Center.

It is the newest and largest dialysis center 
in the Visayas and Mindanao, with 39 stations. 
La Vie, Latin for "the Life," is located at the 
Ground Floor of FTC Tower on Mt. Apo St, Davao City. 

FTC Tower, Mt. Apo St., Davao City

      Our offsprings may not be young forever but they will be children for a good number of years. Legally, they are children until they are eighteen. That's a pretty long relationship we are going to have with their pediatrician. I think mine is for keeps.     

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