Sunday, April 17, 2011

It's here

It's here ! Well, not really here !
But you can get Krispy Kreme Doughnuts
at NCCC Mall Supermarket
(the same store who was first to sell Gardenia bread in Davao City).

This is just after the grocery entrance. 
What a pleasant sight. 

But the doughnuts look so kawawa.
On display like in a palengke. 

And so mahal ha at P56.00 each. 

Still at NCCC Mall Supermarket at the Deli Section

The dougnuts here look happier =)

Accdg to their website
they have three factory stores and sixteen stores,
all in Luzon, where the doughnuts are 
sold at approximately 40PHP a piece.

My favorites :
New York Cheesecake
and Original Glazed Doughnut



  1. 1000-calorie delight..hehe..Your blog should be monetized by these companies you're promoting..hehe..Keep it up till they see the need to compensate you..hehe

    By the way, i already deleted my meetingsuccess.blogspot..mwah

  2. Original Glazed is my all time fave! Di ko masyado type ang ila nilang doughnut. I could eat a box of original glazed in 1 sitting lol. Diabetes ang gawas haha!