Tuesday, April 26, 2011


  The days here have been crazy hot and now, one of the boys has the worst diaper rash ever. It's so bad, he screams when we wash him. For obvious reasons, I couldn't post a picture. Previously, everytime the boys have rashes in those regions, we use the Triple Paste Medicated Ointment that my aunt from NYC sent us.She sent us two of these.

The active ingredient is of course ZINC OXIDE. 
But it has all the other stuff that makes it work Super Fast.

It has Money Back Guarantee.

But we've ran out, when we're experiencing the worst diaper rash ever. 
So, we use our "alternate", the one actually prescribed by their pediatrician. 

So cheap at P99.00.
It's purely ZINC OXIDE. 
It's proudly Philippine made.

  Unfortunately, it does not work fast enough for me.  I want instant gratification for my baby. I called upon my friends from Facebook and got three suggestions. 

Mommy Ira uses this on her twins.
Mommy Shay and Mommy Jonah recommends this. 
Daddy Marc uses this on his babies. 

How I wish this variant is available here. But there was none at Mercury this morning.

   I am going back to Mercury to try Calmoseptine because it is available in a sachet. Try muna. I hope that would work like magic overnight. If not, I would have to drag the husband to the airport coz I think I saw some Desitin at Duty Free (am just not sure what variant).

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