Monday, May 23, 2011

The Angry Birds Have Arrived

     Everyone in the family plays this game. Abe loves it ... I think because the goal is to hit pigs. Aliq plays it very well. He screams in joy everytime he gets a new high score. For those who have are living insides caves, Angry Birds is a video game available for iphone and android users where with the use of a slingshot, the player launches the birds with the goal of hitting the pigs and clearing the field. The birds are angry because the pigs stole their eggs.

    As the original game is a bit violent. Birds killing pigs. I let Aliq play the Rio version instead where the goal is to save birds that were captured in Brazil. 

   The angry birds have arrived in our house, courtesy of my sister, Teejae.

The boys love those birds.

I like them because their material is silky and does not gather much dust. 

Photo from Clipper's FB Page

Cyempre, we don't have the stuffed baboy. 

We hate those pigs with a passion. 
I particularly hate this one coz they are almost impossible to kill.
May helmet ang baboy !! Kaloka !

My sister got them from Clipper Giftshop in Market!Market!

Photo from Clipper FB Page
 My two sisters have these shirts. Kang is the Pig!

    My friend Maya informed me that the game is now available for PC users. Now, everyone can waste time enjoy playing. Go kill those pigs !

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