Tuesday, May 3, 2011


   It rained so hard early this morning. Woke up at 6AM with the rain pounding on our roof. I was late for work because I am monitoring Aliq's medicine intake in the morning. Mabuti na rin yun, di ko naabutan ang major major baha on the road. Pero sa office, baha pa rin. Behold, our office swimming pool !

Welcome to our office. 

Our usually brimming parking space ...

... Is now a swimming pool ! :)

God bless our former boss, Red Buiser for building the pathway.

But we still have to cross the makeshift "bridge" to get to our lobby.

The water goes all the way the path to our new building at the back.

View from our lobby at 11AM.

Accdg to William, at 8 AM, the water reached up to where he is standing.

This car is on an elevated area of our parking space.

Dili kasugakod ang among reversible water pump.
The dog (of our boss) is enjoying the bed weather.

What A Wet Wednesday!

Stay Safe Everyone !


  1. wow! i really hate it when it rains in davao. i think 5 hours ang rain ganina.

  2. Grabe...the pictures said it all! It's a hot Weds out here...