Sunday, May 15, 2011


    In my recent experience with Asia's First Airline, the Philippine Airlines, my Economy ticket was upgraded to Mabuhay Class for free. How sweet is that !!

   While it was not my first time to fly in Business Class and not my first time on PAL's Boeing 747-400, it was my first time aboard the Upper Deck. It was amazing !! And cold ... a respite from the Manila heat.

The Throne

The Entertainment

Look at that Leg Room
So Many Buttons
    I was not able to take pictures of my meal and drinks or the lavatory and everything else because in planes, I always doze off just a few minutes after my pwet hits my seat and I don't, as a personal rule,  use airplane lavatories.

    Take a Virtual Tour of the Mabuhay Class Upper Deck Cabin here.


  1. Ayy, bongga! never been to Upper Deck pa. Lucky you.

  2. Kaya nga. Di ko lang masyado na-enjoy ang Lounge coz I was there for only a few minutes. Boarding na agad.

  3. kang, cge lang, baka next time mapagkamalan ka ulit na artista at i-upgrade ka.