Saturday, June 25, 2011

Bless the Brothers

I don't like going to the doctor because most doctors don't meet patients on an appointment basis. One has to make pila ... in person. The wait is much too long. A three hour wait for a five-minute consultation is just silly. 

I only make pila for my boys, because I don't compromise their health. Thank goodness for Mayette, the pediatrician's assistant, who when I call her advice us the best time to go. But even during the best time, the wait is still at least an hour.

I've always said that there should be a parlor inside Davao Doctors Hospital where one can go to while waiting for their turn with the doctor. I even went as far as suggesting that nail technicians (manicurista) be allowed to do "clinic-service", parang home service pero sa waiting room ng doctor's clinic, so one can get their nails done while waiting for their turn. 

Last summer, I had routine annual labwork done at Alexian Brothers Health and Wellness Center at Matina, Davao City. Lo and behold !

The Directory
At the Bottom ... Save the Best for Last
It's not a parlor but a spa is just as good.
You can't get your hair done but you can get a massage.
 Manicure and Pedicure ! Hoorah !
 I was not able to check out the actual spa because I was there at 7am. Di pa bukas. Hopefully, they open a branch at Davao Doctors Hospital. All my doctors, who I all adore,  hold their clinics there. But this made me think twice about my loyalty to my doctors, ha. 

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