Thursday, August 18, 2011


     The hotel is now called Waterfront Insular Hotel Davao. But for me and those who grew up in this city, we refer to it by its old name, Insular Hotel. 

View from the Front. From their Website.

     In the Waterfront Hotels website, Insular Hotel is described as every guest’s gateway to the diverse, colorful and rich cultural heritage of Davao City.

Local artwork prominently displayed in the lobby (Photo from their website)
     I spent some time in the hotel today and I am reminded why this is my favorite hotel in Davao City. It's perfect for relaxing and the stay within the hotel grounds can be a complete vacation in itself. The hotel is like one big garden.

The Hotel from the Back.
View from the Back where their huge grounds/garden is located.
I love their mini-gardens.
No shortage of foliage here.
There are plants even in this obscure ramp. 
Beautiful pink flowers in the middle of the pathway. Love. 
Green everywhere.

      They have plant sculptures too. Making a mental note to take my sons here soon. They would love these sculptures and they will go crazy running around the place.

      They have the iconic circular pool. As it is Kadayawan season and the hotel has plenty of guests, the pool area is quite full. I only took one picture because I got dyahe. 

      While the pool was inviting because twas quite hot. Why swim in the pool when the hotel has a beach in its "backyard" and Island Garden City of Samal is only five minutes away by motorboat? Love it !

     Some might argue that the hotel is quite old. Perhaps. But that just adds character to the place. Rest assured that the hotel is well maintained. I find it interesting because it has incorporated a lot of Mindanaoan culture into its design.

I'd like to think that this used to be part of some ship centuries ago. 
Clever use of the local weave ... Tinalak.
Indigenous Patterns etched in Brass
A Closer Look
Indigenous Patterns Carved in Wood

Their special decoration for Kadayawan placed in the hotel lobby. 

The Philippine Eagle
Perched Atop Durian and Adorned By the Waling-Waling
      The only thing that is in the negative about this hotel is that I am not crazy about their food. While their black forest cake this time left my companions raving about its taste, generally their food is not to my liking. But my friends were kind enough to pack some for me for Iftar. 

Thanks from the bottom of my empty stomach.
 I leave you with this picture from their garden. Davao is and will always be LOVE.


Happy Kadayawan To All !

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  1. aawwww.....i miss celebrating Kadayawan. its been eons!