Saturday, August 13, 2011

Z is for Zebra

Photo from African Safari Pictures
      Ever since I have named my second son Zayeed, I have become fascinated with zebras and everything that starts with the letter "Z".  I have also been drawn to zebra prints whose black and white stripes I found out goes pretty well with my favorite color ... hot pink.

      When I saw this mini-van (aka multicab van) in the mall parking lot, I just had to illegally park to take a few pictures. 

Good thing my camera was out of my bag and within reach. 
Isn't it cute ? Even Aliq was amazed at what he called "The Zebra Car".
I wish I took better pictures but the guard was signaling me to move my car along.

Now, here is my own little ZEEbra.

Good night folks. Time for me to get some Zzzzzzzz. 

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  1. ooo. just last Monday I saw a COW tricycle here in Malaybalay. The next time I see it I'll take a picture. hehe