Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Helpless in Davao

Photo from davaotoday.com

       In unguarded moments and the word Mayor comes to mind, it's Digong's face that flashes through my mind. It's wrong, I know. It's the daughter, Sara Duterte, who is the Mayor now. But election year is next year and I hope Digong runs for Mayor again. Heck, I hope Digong lives forever.

      He is far from the ideal leader. Much has been said about Davao City's slow economic growth. But when it comes to ensuring the peace and order of the city and the safety of his constituents, Digong is tops. His methods have been questioned by some (mostly from those who do not reside in Davao City) and have been the subject of an investigation by the Commission on Human Rights but he gets results. Since he assumed leadership of Davao City, the residents have felt safe and secure, not just in their homes, but anywhere in the city. 

     Not anymore. This week-end, at the height of noon, a nurse was shot to death by motor-riding men who snatched her bag. Last night, another girl was shot after motor-riding men grabbed her bag. She is recuperating in the hospital. That's scary. Though our city is not crime-free, we are not used to these violence. 

       Social media has been abuzz with alarm and concern. Why do these criminals suddenly found the guts to do such blatant disrespect of  life and law ? Aren't they scared of Digong, who was once called by Time Magazine as The Punisher ? Haven't they heard of the Davao Death Squad ?

photo from realestatedavaoa1list.blogspot.com

           I am worried and scared. We pride ourselves the "the most peaceful city in Southeast Asia".  Is Davao City peaceful now ? Is Davao City still safe ?

          I feel helpless. It's like one of the truths that I have believed in (that Davao City is a safe place) has been shattered. It's like Digong's gone. 

            Oh dear ! 

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Dimsum Diner

     One of my favorite dining places in the city is Dimsum Diner. I remember dining at their first branch in Ilustre St., Davao City, right beside Pop's. Then they opened their branch at Guerrero St., Davao City. Memories, memories. =) 

     As a law student with a limited budget, the place was a pleasant welcome in my list of favorite restaurants. They serve good Chinese food at reasonable prices. Their rice toppings then was at less than Fifty Pesos. And their salted fish (bulad) rice is unmatched. 

Salted Fish Fried Rice

    A few years ago, they opened a branch in Damosa Gateway, very near from where I work. We dine there occasionally. Last week, we were there and here are the prices of their rice toppings.

Reasonable Prices.

     Twelve years have passed since they opened in year 2000 but their prices have barely doubled. For less than 100 pesos, one can get a filling and satisfying meal. Yum yum.




    I can't do photoshop to save my life. I am dumb that way. I do my photo editing the easy way ... I use picnik. But being the cheapskate that I am, I just use the free version.

    A few days ago, I got a notification that picnik will be closing on April 19, 2012. That's not exactly a sad news because from now until they close, all their premium services are free. Yey!

   Since it's already free, I got to tinker a bit with their collage-maker. I love making collages but I use picasa for that. It's nice to have been able to try picnik because they have more templates available. I got myself some free time last weekend and got to make a few collages of photos from our "picnic" at Dahilayan, Bukidnon.

     Though we stayed at Pine Grove Mountain Lodge, we started the day by frolicking around Dahilayan Gardens. 

     Our favorite would be the Dahilayan Forest Park. We had toddlers and they went crazy playing in the playground and walking around their "jungle" complete with "jungle animals".

      The grown-ups had a grand time with adult activities, like driving an all-terrain vehicle up and down the mountains of Dahilayan. The ATVs can be seen here, with the boys on them posing for pictures.


Feeding Aliq

First Solid Food @ 4 mos.

       My eldest is four years old and feeding him for the past year has become a chore because he refuses to eat properly. There are times when he refuses to eat all. I missed those times when he wouldn't stop eating. 

Aliq at 6 months loved Peas.
He loved Ice Cream.

Chocolate Ice-cream is Love.

Fried Chicken
He would insist feeding himself  Spaghetti.
He used to drink lots of Minute Maid. 
He even eats fruits and loves watermelon like his Dad. 
He used to like Pomelo too. 
Look at those Chubby-Cheeks !!

      Now, he only eats any of the following depending on his mood : scrambled egg, chicken noodles, the crispy part of the fried chicken, spanish bread, bread with star margarine. 

      Occasionally, he would ask for food from McDo or Jollibee or KFC... a choice of either burger (must be plain, without dressing or vegetable) or chicken nuggets. And his portions are so small. Sometimes he asks to go to Roadhouse Cafe and he orders Squash Soup. That's it. Just the soup. 

      On weekends, he'd ask for pizza ... but it has to be Angus Steakhouse Pizza from Shakeys. The funny thing is that, as soon as his pizza is served, he asks that the beef be removed. Ang arte!

      He doesn't drink juice anymore and has to be forced to drink water. Thank goodness, he still drinks his milk. But it has to be Nan Pro-3. So picky. 

Aliq @KFC eating Chicken (Skin)

Aliq @ Roadhouse Cafe having Squash Soup.
     My Aunt, Mama Bambi, said I should give him Heraclene. I had to wait until he stops coughing before I dared to buy it. It's supposed to increase his appetite. He stopped coughing last week and although we visited his pedia last Saturday, I forgot to ask for his permission. 

    Nevertheless, yesterday, I mixed the powder from the Heraclene 1mg capsule to his milk. It's tasteless so he didn't notice. Another dose was given to him today. I am crossing my fingers that it would work to increase his appetite .. and that his pedia will not kill me for not giving him prior notice. 

     Wish me luck! 

Busy Bee

Photo from busybeezness.blogspot.com

    It's been awhile since I last blogged. To say that I've been super busy the past three months would be an understatement. It's been crazy busy. 

    I am breaking the hiatus to share to you my sorority sister's blog. I've been reading her entries this week and she has inspired me to start blogging again. 

    Ira is a lawyer in private practice and a mother to twins, Caleb and Calix. It's a wonder how she finds time to write. Ang galing lang. 

    Her blog is called Home Eco-Nanay - Marriage, Motherhood and Beyond. So relatable. Just click on the link to start reading. Enjoy!

     (She has her own domain name. Inggit much.)