Thursday, February 9, 2012

Dimsum Diner

     One of my favorite dining places in the city is Dimsum Diner. I remember dining at their first branch in Ilustre St., Davao City, right beside Pop's. Then they opened their branch at Guerrero St., Davao City. Memories, memories. =) 

     As a law student with a limited budget, the place was a pleasant welcome in my list of favorite restaurants. They serve good Chinese food at reasonable prices. Their rice toppings then was at less than Fifty Pesos. And their salted fish (bulad) rice is unmatched. 

Salted Fish Fried Rice

    A few years ago, they opened a branch in Damosa Gateway, very near from where I work. We dine there occasionally. Last week, we were there and here are the prices of their rice toppings.

Reasonable Prices.

     Twelve years have passed since they opened in year 2000 but their prices have barely doubled. For less than 100 pesos, one can get a filling and satisfying meal. Yum yum.



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