Thursday, February 9, 2012

Feeding Aliq

First Solid Food @ 4 mos.

       My eldest is four years old and feeding him for the past year has become a chore because he refuses to eat properly. There are times when he refuses to eat all. I missed those times when he wouldn't stop eating. 

Aliq at 6 months loved Peas.
He loved Ice Cream.

Chocolate Ice-cream is Love.

Fried Chicken
He would insist feeding himself  Spaghetti.
He used to drink lots of Minute Maid. 
He even eats fruits and loves watermelon like his Dad. 
He used to like Pomelo too. 
Look at those Chubby-Cheeks !!

      Now, he only eats any of the following depending on his mood : scrambled egg, chicken noodles, the crispy part of the fried chicken, spanish bread, bread with star margarine. 

      Occasionally, he would ask for food from McDo or Jollibee or KFC... a choice of either burger (must be plain, without dressing or vegetable) or chicken nuggets. And his portions are so small. Sometimes he asks to go to Roadhouse Cafe and he orders Squash Soup. That's it. Just the soup. 

      On weekends, he'd ask for pizza ... but it has to be Angus Steakhouse Pizza from Shakeys. The funny thing is that, as soon as his pizza is served, he asks that the beef be removed. Ang arte!

      He doesn't drink juice anymore and has to be forced to drink water. Thank goodness, he still drinks his milk. But it has to be Nan Pro-3. So picky. 

Aliq @KFC eating Chicken (Skin)

Aliq @ Roadhouse Cafe having Squash Soup.
     My Aunt, Mama Bambi, said I should give him Heraclene. I had to wait until he stops coughing before I dared to buy it. It's supposed to increase his appetite. He stopped coughing last week and although we visited his pedia last Saturday, I forgot to ask for his permission. 

    Nevertheless, yesterday, I mixed the powder from the Heraclene 1mg capsule to his milk. It's tasteless so he didn't notice. Another dose was given to him today. I am crossing my fingers that it would work to increase his appetite .. and that his pedia will not kill me for not giving him prior notice. 

     Wish me luck! 

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