Monday, March 26, 2012

My Personal Blog List

   I am a voracious reader. From books to blogs. The following are the blogs I follow. They are bookmarked in my laptop and desktop. Arranged in alphabetical order. 

This is the blog of my little sister. Being the youngest, she is the brat of the family. She is the brat that disguises herself as a selfless developmental worker / volunteer. But that inner bitch needs an outlet. Hence, the blog. 

Who does not follow chuvaness ? The name should be the explanation itself. While I am not a complete disciple, I must admit that I visit her site at least twice a day. It's a good source of relevant (for me) news and updates. 

I stumbled upon her blog a few years ago when I was googling about the perils of wearing crocs while riding an escalator. My first born was then a year old and has just begun wearing crocs. Her daughter had a crocs-horror story to tell. From then on, I was hooked. I love her stories about her children. And I love her UZ features. Like her, my husband is "he-who-should-not-be-blogged". While I was never a fan of any of Daphne's TV shows, I became a fan of her blog. I enjoy her new webpage but I liked her blog better when she was still just on livejournal because the blog then had a less commercial feel. 

Who couldn't resist a good tsismis ? I couldn't. It's fun trying to guess the blind items. And it is equally fun reading the comments. 

I have a soft-spot for first wives and single mothers. I started reading her blog when she was still full of angst. I felt and sympathized with her pain. Now, her writings are more mellow and she seems at peace with her life. She is also raising a toddler so that part of her blog I can relate to. 

This is the personal blog of my sorority sister, Ira Calatrava Valenzuela, about her musings on marriage, motherhood and beyond. She is a mother of twins, Caleb and Calix. I remember being pregnant the first time and wishing for twins. Now, I have two boys who are two years apart. It feels like having twins actually. 

Of all the blogs I follow, this would have to be my favorite. Her blog encompasses all the aspects of life that are significant to me: food, fashion, lifestyle and motherhood. If her blog were a book, it's what I read from cover to cover. Love it. I first came across Jennie Epperson when she still had a TV show on the Lifestyle Network. I liked her her then coz she reminded me of my good friend, Briethner. They not only look the same, they actually had the same aura. By the way, her blog was recently awarded the Best Lifestyle Blog of Nuffnang Asia. Enough said. 

Her blog came up during one of my searches for Rendang recipes. The recipe and the blog were a hit for me. She is my Aussie version of Jenni Epperson. I love her take on fashion and motherhood. 

I have barely discovered Tina Tagle's old blog (after chuvaness featured her) when she made it private. Good thing, I had already spent hours reading back through her entries. But I still wanted more. Imagine my surprise when after replying to one of her tweets, she asked me for my livejournal account so that she can add me up as friends in her new private blog. Woohoo! Reading her blog is like getting a local version of The Real Housewives reality-tv-series, Dasma Edition. It's motherhood and fashion made human. 

My Bestfriend's Blog. Smitten Miss Maya. I miss Maya very much so reading her blog is like sharing her life again even if we are miles apart. 

This much I concede, my sister is the better writer. She has been writing since forever and has been blogging when it wasn't even called blogging yet. Hehehe.



  1. We follow the same bloggers! Except for karen cheng =) i'll give it a look.

    Thanks, dot. I miss you more.

  2. Thanks for reading. And I agree with "full of angst". I'm glad you noticed the change. ;) God is good! Thanks, again!