Saturday, April 28, 2012

Dino Facts

    Dinasours Alive, an exhibit of ten moving dinasours with sound and light effects, has been in Davao City for a few days now, particularly at the Matina Town Square. I knew I had to take my boys because they love dinasours. They can name dinasours from A to Z having memorized from Dinasour ABC book. 

    We finally braved the heat today and took the boys to see the dinasours. Having read from Ira's blog that there is a family promo of 4+1, we also took my ten-year old cousin, Vince. The entrance fee is P250.00 and I only paid a thousand pesos for the five of us.

     The dinasours were fine. The sound effects were okay. We didn't witness any light effects as we were there at around two in the afternoon. The sound effects were kalat and loud. The boys got a bit scared.

     Here are some pictures of the dinasours on display. Sorry, I can't name them all. I will ask Aliq tomorrow and I shall edit.

Eto kilala ko, T-Rex. 

I know this one too. Velociraptor. 

I know this one. Triceratops.
       I am not really into dinasours so I busied myself with the dino facts that were all over the place. Am never too old to learn.They have fact sheets on each dinasour that is on display. Here's two. 

General Fact Sheets that I couldn't read. 
They were too far.

"Did You Know" posters all over the exhibit area. 

I hope some of them were PINK !

There's this silly sign. Takot sila mag-short circuit ang mga dino. 

       The exhibit is still on until tomorrow, April 29. If your kids love dinasours like mine, then go take them to this place because they will surely enjoy it. If your kids are not afraid of the dark, it's better to take them at night because they have light effect. The exhibit is open until 12MN. 

See yah!

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