Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Home Away From Home

        Booking for a place to stay for a three-day two-night vacation in Subic during the peak season is not an easy task, especially that it's for a party of 9 adults and 2 toddlers and it's only a month away. 

         Lucky me, I found Ms. Ruby Jane P. Grueso of Subic Bahay in Olx. Transacting with her was a breeze, I give my full recommendation. I knew what I wanted, I wanted to rent a house in Subic, not hotel rooms but a fully-furnished house. As I was booking a bit late for my dates of choice, Ms. Ruby gave me only two options : a newly-renovated house that's nearer to the pool area or  one in a more quiet part of the neighborhood. I chose the latter as I was scared the former would still reek of paint. I was not disappointed. 

         Ms. Ruby emailed me the following photos of the house in Mindoro Loop, El Kabayo, SBMA, Subic :

House @ Mindoro Loop. Three Bedrooms. Two Bathrooms.

           I like the lay-out of the house. I am a fan of how Americans make efficient use of space. I am in love with the kitchen of this house. 

          Here are our pictures inside and outside the house, enjoying our home away from home:

I am in love with the red chair in the living room. 

            The houses in Mindoro Loop, unlike in other areas, are still in one color - white. They look spartan against the green background provided by the forest at the back. It's very reminiscent of the time when they were houses of American soldiers. It actually felt like I was in the set of the series The Unit.  

            And even if Mindoro Loop is at the end of the housing area, we felt very safe. We kept the doors tightly locked at night though. We're scared of monkeys. 

            Contact Ms. Ruby at Nos. 09175359188.

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