Wednesday, April 11, 2012

MV Logos Hope

         My two children and I are crazy about books. We consider National Bookstore our mall-heaven. It was such a lucky coincidence that MV Logos Hope, the world's largest floating book fair, was at berth in Subic during the time that we would be there. I just had to include a visit to the boat as part of our vacation itinerary. 

          The only concern I had about boarding the ship was that it was a book fair run and owned by the Christian charity organization GBA Ships and that the requisite 15-minute video upon entry to the ship may have evangelical tone. I don't want to confuse the little ones as they are ... well ... still little. 

          My good friend Maya has already visited the ship when it was in Manila and she assured me that  the video is no reason for worry and that while there are plenty of Christian books for sale, there are a whole lot of other books for me and my boys. According to a news article, the ship boasts of more than 5,000 titles. 

          Soon after arriving in Subic (even before we could go to our rented house), we went to the Pier and walked under the scorching heat of the summer sun from our cars to the ship.

My grandparents tagged along.

            Zayeed refused to walk and kept on saying "Baba, Baba", so the husband had to carry the little boy on his back. 

       Aliq was a bit hesitant at first because he was scared to go on-board. I had to carry him up and into the ship. Once inside, he forgot about his fears and went crazy over the books. 

Aliq chose sticker books and animal books.
Zayeed prefers alphabet and picture books.
Both my sisters swear they spent more than they should have. =)

           We had a wonderful time on board MV Logos Hope. The two boys went home with so much books. I don't know how much we spent because the husband paid for our purchases. Aliq, being the smart aleck that he is, would also put his books of choice in my Mom's and my sister's baskets. But as soon as his purchases were paid, he threw a tantrum and wanted to go down, excited to work on his sticker books. The play area distracted him while waiting for my mom and my sisters finish up with their book-shopping. 


  1. Aliq and Zayeed certainly enjoyed choosing their books :) I hope they dock in Davao too..

    1. When we were younger I remember that MV Doulos, the predecessor of MV Logos Hope, docked in Davao. Hopefully this ship will also go here.

  2. wow. few people?! it was sooo crowded when i went. i wasnt able to really check all the shelves.

    loved the cook book section =)

  3. Yes, no pila. Twas around 1pm. Sobrang init sa labas.Kaya siguro wala pa gaanong tao.