Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Coffee Diaries

       I am a coffee-person. I need to have a cup of coffee in the morning before my brain could function. When I was pregnant the first time and had to stop drinking coffee, I had withdrawal symptoms. Everytime the office staff would brew a new batch, the smell would permeate our office and I'd go into shivers. True that. 

      I preferred brewed over instant. But I transferred divisions and no one would do the brewing for me so I had to make do with instant. I bet our Legal Assistants, who made the coffee at my previous assignment,  never knew I missed them so much. 

When we were still dating, my husband got me this coffee-maker for the house.   

           I used to drink only Nescafe. Not the 3-in-1 variety because I could never be satisfied with one pack for a cup of coffee. One full teaspoon of coffee, one teaspoon of cream and two teaspoons of sugar. Then, my husband discovered Nescafe Brown and Creamy and I took a liking to it. 

         I also fancy Gourmet Coffee. I am a mocchaccino aficionado. I love Bru Gre because its a Davao-based coffee shop. I often go to Fagioli because of its proximity to the office. But I won't deny that Starbucks would have to take the top spot for this category. 

        Gourmet coffee tastes like heaven but its quite pricey. Good thing I discovered Kopiccino from Kopiko. It's a cappuccino that comes in an instant pack. Gourmet coffee at an affordable price. The suggested retail price is 8PHP. A pack of 30 would set you back 200PHP so that's around 6.60PHP. Murang-mura. 


          If someone would brew me a cup, I'd still take brewed over instant. But for those days when instant coffee would have to do, then I'd go for Nescafe Brown and Creamy or Kopiccino. 


  1. I just discovered this Kopiccino yesterday hahaha. Masarap nga. And you can have a dash of chocolate pa for topping.

    Time to have a cup of coffee now. See you again soon!

  2. my sister's kasambahay made me a cup of this Kopiccino while on vacation and since then I'm hooked. I brought several packets and I asked my Aunt to bring some more when she went home in PI last month! Wish I can these in the Asian/Filipino stores as I see many SanMig instants 3-n-1 coffee in their shelves. Love the texture and taste.