Thursday, June 7, 2012

McDo's Big N Tasty

       We don't cook much beef at home. Beef is served at our table once a month, at the most. The family gets our red meat fix from fastfood burgers. We can't decide what we love more, Jollibee cheeseburger with its Langhap Sarap formula and cheese as we know it (maalat). Or the juicier Mcdo cheeseburger. 

       Yes, we know they are not healthy. But they taste so good. So what the heck! Paminsan-minsan lang naman. Sa isang raw. Hehehehe. (Joke!)

       On the road home, we pass by a McDonalds so when we're hungry and in need of pantawid-gutom, we pass by McDo Drive-Thru for some burgers, as such was the case last Wednesday night. We were ready to order our usual when the husband chanced upon the poster for McDo Big N Tasty.

      We asked the McDo staff what Big N Tasty was. We were told that it was just like a quarter pounder but with vegetables and tomotoes. Abe decided to give it a try while I ordered my usual cheeseburger. 

      I took a bite of Abe's order and it was so good, tastes much better than a quarter pounder. And it's not just because of the vegetables. The patty has a hickory smoked flavor giving the McDo Big N Tasty a distinct mark on one's mouth. 

         This is how the burger looks in real life : 

I like them sloppy!

      The burger sells for 120PHP ala carte and 145PHP with regular fries and drinks. Not bad at all because the burger's taste can compete with charbroiled burgers sold at twice that cost. 

      Last night, we were back at McDonalds. This time , we got two Big N Tasty burgers. Yum. Yum.

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