Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Tales of a Non-Party

       I decided to celebrate the third birthday of my second-born without a party. Birthdays should be all about the celebrant - his enjoyment. While Zayeed is a fun-loving little boy and he loves to socialize, I have observed that he does not exactly have fun in kiddie parties. He is scared of the loud sounds coming from the speakers. He is not keen on joining games. He doesn't even warm up to mascots. There really was no point in throwing him a kiddie party he wouldn't enjoy. 

        But I want him to have the fanfare of a party. He loves balloons, decorations, birthday cake, candles, lootbags and presents. So I did just that, I threw a non-party for my little man.    

      The original plan was to have a pool party at home with the theme Jake and the Neverland Pirates from Disney Junior. But the Kuya fell sick and the pool part of the theme didn't seem wise and hence, we decided to bring the party from our terrace to our dining room. 

The Non-Party Area

      All the decorations except for the ready-made birthday banners were made by yours truly with a lil help from the yayas and my sister Teejae who did the photoshop work.  We set up the decorations early in the morning. When Zee walked out of our bedroom door and saw the decorations, he was filled with glee.  

Balloons & Decorations Galore
      I also made the lootbags myself. There were two sets, one was an art set because Zayeed is into paintings and coloring and another one was a bag of gold chocolate coins for a pirate's loot would be incomplete without gold. I made six sets, one for each lil one in the immediate family. 

A pirate party will not be complete with the loot. 

      It was a kiddie party for three. My two lil boys and their cousin, Lexi. Nakumpleto ang casting for the Jake and the Neverland Pirates

My Lil Pirates

      The boys wanted a Pinata so I made a Pinata for them. Masaya naman sila. Wala silang kaagaw sa mga candies. Pulot nang pulot. Eh, di naman sila marunong kumain ng kendi. 

        A kiddie party for Zee will not be complete without his party food of choice ...... Chicken Joy !!

         Syempre, may birthday cake. Para sabay sa uso, may cupcakes na rin. The cake was from our neighborhood bakeshop - Sugarflow Cakes. It's just a few meters from the gate of our subdivision. Ordering was a breeze. The cupcakes were from the sister of my friend and officemate, Jayvee Vinarao Agas. 

Ako lang gumawa nyang topper. Just to add a bit of color and theme. 

       Zayeed perfectly blew his No. 3 candle .... ten times. Pinasindihan ng paulit-ulit. Kalokah! Lexi and Aliq also had their turns blowing the candle. Toddlers!

Gifts ! Gifts ! Gifts !

          A kid can be a happy celebrant without a proper kiddie birthday party. Need proof? Look at our Happy Zee. 

Kilig na Kilig.