Monday, August 27, 2012

Hollywood in Terno

Imelda Marcos at 80 years old

      Imelda Marcos is the Terno. She owned it when she was the First Lady of the Philippines, wearing it to official functions both in and outside the country. Even at 80 years old, she still nailed the Terno.

      The Terno, which literally means "matching or to match" in Tagalog, is a gown with butterfly sleeves and is known as much as Imelda's iconic outfit as the traditional Filipiniana formal wear.

      While it is common to see the use of the Terno by Filipinas in formal government functions and other Filipiniana-themed events, it is uncommon to see the Terno worn by foreigners even as interpreted modernly by both international and local designers.

      I was doing some scouring of the internet for Terno design inspirations and I came across the following pictures of Hollywood celebrities donning dresses that looks like a modern interpretation of the Terno.

Gwyneth Paltrow in Valentino
Miley Cyrus in a Premiere Night
Kelly Osbourne at the 2012 Golden Globes
       While the Terno is far from becoming a fashion trend, it is nice seeing it in the Hollywood red carpet.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Eid Cards

        Since the kids and I started making our Ramadan crafts, they got hooked on it. It was a good way to spend our weekends. Talagang tinodo na namin and last weekend, I had them make some Eid cards.  The boys made two cards each. 

The little one had some help as he can only write the letters H, A and T. 
          They were simple cards. They drew moon and star shapes, cut them out and pasted them on front of the card. A simple greeting was written on the front and inside of  the card. 

Ramadan Crafts

      I've never been as excited about celebrating Ramadan as I have been this year. Perhaps my faith and spirituality is indeed growing. Or perhaps it's because I've decided to deck the house with some Ramadan decorations. 

     As much as I would have loved to spend on buying decorations, there is just no supply of ready-made ones. I can only salivate at the decorations found on the internet. 

    I decided to decorate so that the kids, little as they are, would also get excited about this Holy Month. They couldn't fast yet but I want them to know that this month is significant in Islam. What better way to get them excited than getting them involved in the decorating process.

     The week-end before Ramadan, we started our Ramadan Week-end Craft-Making Activity. Since there are no decorations in the stores, I will just make the decorations with my kids. Aliq was very involved in the making process while Zee was busy watching and making kulit. 

        I gathered some templates that I found on-line, bought some colorful and decorative papers, took out the pencil, scissors and glue and gathered my troop for week-ends of creativity, fun and Islamic lessons. 





        I forgot to take pictures of  the outdoor decorations that we placed in our terrace. So that would have to be in another post. 


Thursday, August 9, 2012

Homework for Mommy

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      I have a pre-schooler and one day, he came home from school telling me that I have homework. Ganon ?!?

     It's their Foundation Day the day after next and their class is going to do a dance number. Their teacher said that they have to kulit their mothers to make their pompoms and crowns. 

     Now, that would have been easy. At Lots for Less, which is a five-minute commute from my office, straw pompoms cost less than 50 pesos and a plastic golden crown costs less. 

      But no, the Pompoms have to be made from dried banana leaves and the crown must be made from leaves too. Ayayay. Finding banana leaves would be difficult enough, it has to be dried banana leaves pa talaga. I love crafts but I'm a paper, glitter and glue kind of girl. I don't fancy working with natural materials. Sorry. 

      I almost had some officemates who were going on field to Davao del Norte, gather some dried banana leaves that they may find in the banana plantations along the way. Good thing, the teacher announced the next day that they should use green banana leaves instead. Salamat naman. 

       The yayas found some banana leaves within our subdivision. Kaya lang, they didn't get enough. By the time I got home, it was dark and raining and they couldn't get more. 

       I didn't know how to start. My grandmother said that I should iron the leaves so i did without asking why. Masunurin naman akong apo. Next, I put double-sided tape on the top of the leaves.

      Aliq was very happy to help. I didn't have to force him. Like me, he likes doing creative things with his hands. He cut the leaves for the fringes. Then, we put one leaf on top of the other.  

     I asked Aliq what the pompoms should look like and he said it has to have a stick because he doesn't want to hold the leaves. He is maarte that way. I had to think what could we use that we already have at home. I realized we can use the cylindrical paper in the center of a tissue roll. But our tissue rolls at home were coreless so instead we used the core of paper towels. 

      We then removed the tapes and rolled the leaves around each one, just dividing our leaves equally so each pompom would look similar. I covered the base of the leaf with some purple ribbon to make it more secure and to give it an extra ooommph. 

      The pompoms look decent naman. Then, the boys started playing with them. Nag-aagawan. Na-stress ako. Baka malagas na sya nang di pa nagagamit sa school. 

       Next, I had to make a crown. I wanted to make a base crown first and then I'd just glue on the leaves the next morning so that they would still look fresh. I also learned that I had to make two crowns para di mag-agawan at di ako ma-stress.

       I made the base crown using materials that I am more familiar with: black cartolina, foil paper and hot glue. I just drew a template in the cartolina, cut it and covered it with foil paper using hot glue. I resisted the urge to glue on beads because the teacher did say their props must be from nature. 

       Ayan ang dalawang makulit, naka-crown bago matulog. 

        The next day, my grandmother picked some leaves from outside and I hot glued them on Aliq's crown. 

           The crown looks "royal" enough for me. And it did look good under the sunshine. 

      The girls in their class had to wear a crown of flowers. That would have been easier. Pwedeng i-order yun. 

       Aliq of course came with his entourage. 

      For this Homework for Mommy, I am giving myself an "A". Hehehe.