Thursday, August 23, 2012

Ramadan Crafts

      I've never been as excited about celebrating Ramadan as I have been this year. Perhaps my faith and spirituality is indeed growing. Or perhaps it's because I've decided to deck the house with some Ramadan decorations. 

     As much as I would have loved to spend on buying decorations, there is just no supply of ready-made ones. I can only salivate at the decorations found on the internet. 

    I decided to decorate so that the kids, little as they are, would also get excited about this Holy Month. They couldn't fast yet but I want them to know that this month is significant in Islam. What better way to get them excited than getting them involved in the decorating process.

     The week-end before Ramadan, we started our Ramadan Week-end Craft-Making Activity. Since there are no decorations in the stores, I will just make the decorations with my kids. Aliq was very involved in the making process while Zee was busy watching and making kulit. 

        I gathered some templates that I found on-line, bought some colorful and decorative papers, took out the pencil, scissors and glue and gathered my troop for week-ends of creativity, fun and Islamic lessons. 





        I forgot to take pictures of  the outdoor decorations that we placed in our terrace. So that would have to be in another post. 



  1. Salam alayki,
    The decorations are very beautiful!
    I really love the garland, or did you find the form?

    Baarak Allahou fiki oukhti

    1. Salam. I just read your reply. So sorry for the delay. My children and I made the garland ourselves. I found the template for the shape in this link :