Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Bag Lady


“I'm thinking balls are to men what purses are to women. It's just a little bag, but  we feel naked in public without it."

                                                                                                                              -Carrie Bradshaw (Sex and the City)

     I love bags. I don't go for the super expensive kind because... well, they are super expensive. And I am not really good at taking good care of my bags. I just use them, shelf them and use them. If they don't look acceptable anymore, I box them for selling in garage sales.  I remember back in lawschool, I was carrying a pink backpack and a classmate said, "I love your bag. Maganda sya kung malinis lang." Hhhmmmph. 

       Not that I don't clean my bags. I clean them when they look filthy. Just that, filthy is a relative term. I know someone who cleans her bag at the end of every day, she uses a specialized spray-on cleanser and cotton. She cleans it like it's her face. Okay, the bag is an LV but it's just so tedious. I couldn't do that. 

       Bags have a utilitarian function for me. They are to carry my things. Sure, they must look nice and must complement my outfit and perhaps, the event where it will be used, but I don't want to think too much about my bag when I use it. I place it where it is convenient and safe. I don't use those fancy bag hangers. If there is no place to put it, I put it on the floor because I don't want to offend my company if I put it on top of the table. (Besides, I bring big bags and it's just rude to occupy such big space on the table.)

       I am quite brand loyal. If I already have it and find that its WIWIC (worth what it costs),  I stick to my usual brands. I also don't have plenty of time to window shop (even online) so I just get the same brands in different designs. 
       I am currently fascinated by Dooney & Bourke's Nylon bag collection. Nylons are perfect. They come in a variety of colors. They are light and easy to clean. The nylon collection of Dooney looks classic because of the leather trims. I like my bag from Medium to Large in size. Satchels are my current faves because I usually have two lil boys with me when I go out and I need both hands to be free to hold their hands. 

             I also like Longchamp because it's nylon, too. Longchamp first caught my eye in 2002 during a trip to Hong Kong. A few years ago, they became trendy. I saw my secretary using one in jacquard material (yes, my retirable Ate Flora has fancy bags.) and I want one too. I still feel I need (hahaha) a red Le Pliage tote to match my huge Le Pliage travelling tote. Type ko itong hobo. Both designs are on sale in the Long Champ outlet website.


       My bestfriend Faye got married with the theme Filipiniana. When I first heard about the theme, I got really excited because I have been waiting for an excuse to don a formal Filipiniana outfit to an affair outside of work. 

     I searched the net for inspiration and found the following Filipiniana outfits to my liking. 

      I couldn't decide whether to wear a Terno or a Maria Clara. The last time I wore a terno was during my Acceptance Ceremony to the Sigma Tau Mu Sorority and I couldn't find a picture of myself then. I tried looking for the gown to take a picture of it but I couldn't find it anymore. I do remember that it's black with red details. I remember too that during the hell week of initiation, I just rushed to the Manang who sews my uniforms and asked her to make me a Terno. Sya na bahala sa lahat, sa tela and everything. I picked it up on the afternoon I was to wear it, right after the final rites and right before Acceptance Ceremony. Memories, memories. 

      My last recollection of wearing a Maria Clara was when I was ten or eleven during a school activity at the Almendras Gym. Older memories. 

        In work-related functions, my usual outfit would be a Baro't Saya in an embroided white top and black bottoms. 

Me with Officemates from the Legal Division

     Last year, I attended a more formal work-related function requiring Filipiniana and I wore a Baro't Saya, with a glittery gold top (borrowed) and black slacks (slacks not skirt as I had to ride a cab to and from the venue). 

      Faye then announced that her wedding color is Navy Blue. Not royal blue as is the color of the Water Dragon (2012 is the Year of the Water Dragon in the Chinese Calendar). But Navy Blue as in the color of the Ateneo uniform for girls. 

      Not being part of the Wedding Entourage, I thought I could get away with wearing a lighter color, pink perhaps (wink wink) because if I am wearing a traditional outfit, I wanted it to be in a light and young color. Pampugong sa edad!

      A month or so before the wedding, Faye asked me to be the Emcee in her Wedding Reception with our friend, Bret. Good thing I was busy in the months of July and August and has not gotten around to making a pink gown made yet. Although another friend has already loaned me a beautiful hot pink Terno that I was considering wearing, I knew then that I have to wear blue. I was officially part of the Wedding kasi. 

      I knew I couldn't wear a navy blue Terno or Maria Clara to the wedding. I felt that I would look older and heavier. I opted for a Modern Filipiniana outfit and channeled Dita Sandico-Ong

Women of Harana in Contemporary Costumes by Dita Sandico-Ong
      The best thing about this is that my sister had this wrap in the dark blue that she used when she hosted Coca-Cola's 10th Philippine Cup last summer. I just borrowed the wrap and had the inner gown made in navy blue. 

My sister Teejae
      Alas, the navy blue gown didn't look good in me. It looked good by itself but it didn't go well with the wrap.  The mistake was that the bottom was willowy when it should have been fitted or at least serpentina. I was upset for a week before the wedding because I knew I wouldn't have time to have the gown redone or find something else to wear. Busy-busyhan tayo pag end of the month. 

      The day before the Wedding I tried on the pink terno I intended on wearing in the first place and i tried placing the blue wrap over it. It looked good ... way better than donning a full blue outfit. I decided to go with it. Uso pa rin naman ang color-blocking, di ba?

       I didn't have a solo picture during the event. I was busy with my role as Emcee kaya walang time mag-posepose. 

Tandang Sora ang peg ng outfit ko ! 

The Beauty Is In The Details