Tuesday, November 13, 2012

You Know You Love Me

      Tis the season for gift-giving (and gift-receiving) again. And I want to help out those who intend to give me presents by posting my 2012 Wishlist. Hahaha. 

     What I really want and need and wish for is a new car, but I know I am not getting that this December from any of you. There is also no "world peace" chuva-chuchu in this wish list because you can't get me that either. This list is purely about material things (because we are living in a material world and I am a materia, a materia, a materia ... girl.) But if you can pull strings and make Brainworks accept my eldest for next schoolyear, I shall forever be in your debt. 

      Here is my simple list because I am afterall a simple girl. Walang kokontra. 

      1. MAKE - UP. Now, this is a sensitive subject because I have sensitive skin. Weeeh ? Seriously, this is a sensitive subject because I am quite conservative in this area and use only brands I've tried and tested.

I have been a Maybelline user for the past decade. 
At present, for base, I am all about minerals.
I would love a Maybelline Mineral Powder Foundation in OC2.

And if you are a big spender, you can splurge for me with my
Go-To Foundation when I am to be photographed. Chos!
MAC Studio Fix Powder Foundation in NC40.

       My eye make-up is all about nudes. 
A palette of nude shades or A pot of a nude base would be appreciated.

I've been eyeing this one from e.l.f.
This one is from Bobbi Brown. Dessert Twilight Series. 
These base and highlighter  are from KATE.
My fave brands for these product are those from
Body Shop and Nichido.
I have a round face so blushes and highlighters are a must.
Indulge my candy indulgence with these blushes from Majolica Majorca. 

The two shades of blush a girl needs. 

The next one is not really a make-up but almost one. 
I've been dying to try using a DIY false eyelashes
You can give me a lil push by giving me a pair (or two) of falsies. 

False eyelashes. Samahan na rin ng glue, pls. Wag Elmer's, ha. 

      2. HANDKERCHIEFS. I have not really been a handkerchief user because I used to prefer disposables but of late, I have grown a liking to it. I am partial against florals though. I prefer ones in plain solid colors. Handkerchiefs in checks, plaids, polka dots and  stripes in girly-girly colors would be fun to carry, too. 

Kikay much. Pink is my favorite color. 

     3. HAND SANITIZER. This is a regular in my annual wish list because I use hand sanitizer a lot. This will a gift that will be appreciated and used talaga. Just bear in mind that I have rhinitis so it should just be mildly scented. Preferably organic. 

     4. HAIR ACCESSORIES. I am growing my hair really long. I haven't reached my desired length yet so I put my hair up a lot for the meantime. Any brand will do. 

(A must for long straight hair.)

Those at Saizen have good bristles. And cheap too. 

I want a big brush in this shape.
The one in the picture is a Denman. 
Kung carry ng budget, why not!
But it's really the shape that is important. 

Saizen also has hairbrushes in similar shape as Denman. 



These shapes work best with my hair. 


A generic brand is available at SM Lanang.

(May fave hair accessory. So useful.)

A generic brand is available at Robinsons. 


Kahit saan, meron nito. 

     4. DOMESTIC GOODIES. I really need a shoe cabinet but I would have to have one made to fit the space for it. I also need a washing machine but that I have to get that  for myself as well . Here are some domestic items that would make nice gifts ... for me. 

I've been wanting this Ikea Fork and Spoon Set
for the longest time. Now, I need this for my office.

 A good and sharp Chef's Knife and Meat Cleaver 
would be a big help in my kitchen.

The H lost my folding umbrella. I need a replacement.
Must be very small, flat, lightweight and in solid color or in candy stripes.

I love Lysol Wipes. So Useful.
Ang hirap lang maghanap nito. Kaya I need your help.

     5. OFFICE CLUTTER. I love a cluttered desk. Busy-busyhan ang peg. My office is a somber beige in color with furniture and fixtures in wood. I have managed to put some hot pink here and there to add some personality to it. Kulang pa. 

This Shoe Tape Dispenser from Scotch is so ME !

Pink pens to give signed memos a distinct mark. 

Pink notebooks to take to meetings. 

      That's it, folks. And as usual, I end this list with this, "diamonds and bags are still a girl's bestfriends". Happy Shopping !