Thursday, February 13, 2014

In The Bag

     It's mid-February and it's time I keep my promise to myself to post an entry at least once a month. Today, I am doing an "In the bag" post ... my bag, in particular. Why ? Because I can 't think of anything else to post and it being the love month and i love bags ... so there. Ha !

     The decision to write about my bag is a spur of the moment so this is not set up or anything. Though, I must admit, it looks a bit neater than usual. 

     The bag that I am currently using is the one in the photo above. It is a pasalubong from my sister Kang from London. It's a bit old (She must get me a new one in London this summer). But it still looks presentable and is still very functional. 

So What's In The Bag ?
  I prefer to organize my things in pouches rather than bag organizers because I love pouches. I love buying pouches. I seem to get a lot of pouches as presents. Kaya ayan, ginagamit. 


  This black pouch was bought from JS Gaisano. (They changed the name of that store a few years back but I never can remember it.) It's made of charol (that shiny material) so it doesn't get dirty easily. What makes it perfect though is its slightly padded pink lining. It would protect one's phones and gadgets but I use it to protect and cushion my face powder. 

    Inside this pouch are my necessities. Hahaha. This is what would be called my kikay kit.

symbicort, eos lipbalm, mistline bb natural pink magic from my cousin in bkk,
a random lipstick made in england from my sister Kang in the perfect nude shade,
the best powder-foundation ever from my sister Kang, a hua mulan comb from a friend,
an atomizer from beabi with bath&body works cologne in country chic and a hair tie from watsons.
     I also have this pink tubular zipped case in my bag. It is from Forever 21. It came with a set of make-up brushes.  It holds my writing materials and a band-aid. Hahaha. I don't remember how the band-aid got there. 

The blue pens are divine. Bic and Cello Silk. The pink pens are from Muji.
My sign pen is Uniball Impact 1.0 but i mostly use pink pens for signing. 

     The wallet, with the matching coin purse, that I am currently using are from my sister Teejae.  The Forever New white pouch is from The H and came in a set with two bigger pouches. It holds receipts. It's white so it really is an effort to keep it immaculate.

I have a sewing kit tucked in my wallet. What a Girl Scout!
That's a really old ID. Hahaha !

     In my bag, of course, I carry my phones and my tablet. I used to hate carrying two phones. And even when i did, I always end up using just my principal line because getting the other phone out  is too much trouble. Until, I fell in love with this phone. It holds my PLDT sim. It used to be in this really heavy Nokia E7 and was rarely used. But now, I find every excuse to use it so I can show off my cute phone. My principal phone is not in the pictures because I used it to take the pictures. =)

It's a CherryMobile Phone called P1. It's only 799PHP.
Everyone calls it my calculator. Hhhmmph!
It is as big as a calling card. 

      I also have this big random pouch in my bag. Its brown and made of cloth with zipper. It came with a set of Bath and Body Works products that were given to me as a present a few years back. It's called random because it holds various knick-knacks depending on what i need during the day. It can also hold my tablet and phones if i need to keep them in an extra secure place. 


medicines, credit card holder, hair clamp, a bracelet, hand sanitizer spray,
a bench cologne called Inspire and a phone charger

         Under all these pouches inside my bag, at the bottom, are my trusty abaniko and payong. I am such a Girl Scout. Ready sa init, ready sa lamig. Ma'am Joaquin and Mrs. Bataller would be proud !!

I love the moon and star details on this fan.
The umbrella is from The H from Universal Studios. 

     How about you, what is in your bag ?