Thursday, May 22, 2014

Lego Figures

At the Legoland Malaysia Hotel's Lobby

     Remember how I told you here that my boys are Lego-crazy ? Well, they still are. So this summer, we decided to spend a few days in what could be their "happiest place on Earth."

      I will save the anecdotes of our experience for another entry. For now, I will share with you the different Lego figures that have fascinated me during our stay in the park and in the hotel. 

      The wall behind the Registration counter as shown above took my breath away. It was filled with thousands of mini-figures with a Lego cyclist moving to and fro and the wheels were made of magnifying glass so one can take a closer look at the minifigs. My son Aliq told me that the same wall can be found in all Legoland Hotels around the world. 

       In the lobby, one can find a huge pirate ship and a huge castle. Some are the fascinating Lego figures I found there. Note that the pictures are not pixelated. They are just made of Lego bricks. 

Most Lego Figures depicting humans are about this size. 

   These are the Lego figures we found in our bedroom, the Adventure Themed Room. 

Most people won't be thrilled to find a scorpion in the bathroom. 

     The next day, we had breakfast at the Brick Restaurant. It was a feast on the eyes as well as in the tummy. Lego-made figures abound all around the restaurant. 

     The crafter in me loved how they made use of Lego bricks to make useful stuff, like photoframes, stands, boxes and signages. 

To save the best for last, presenting the Lego figures inside the theme park. 

      These are not the only Lego figures that can be found inside the park or the hotel. I have failed to take a pic of a lot more because I had two excited lil boys with me. I have left out the pictures of the Miniland inside the park because I am saving that for another entry. Otherwise, this one would be too picture-heavy already. 

       So, watch out for the succeeding entries. Bawi ako this month since I missed posting entries for March and April. 

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