Thursday, June 19, 2014

Loot Bags

      As a child, I was not the outgoing type. I never made friends easily and kept to myself most times. I never got very excited about children's parties because clowns and mascots scared the hell out of me. I didn't join games because my motor skills were not really that developed (hanggang ngayon, hehehe). What always got me excited about attending parties was the Loot Bag that was handed out at the end of the party. So, I'd sit and suffer through the whole party for the loot bag. Mataas ang E.Q. ko.

     This penchant for loot bag is something I carried into adulthood. When I was in college, my Nanay (aunt) would ask me to prepare the loot bags for my cousin Tani's birthday parties. It was a task I enjoyed so much that year after year, I'd call my Nanay weeks ahead of the birthday so I can prepare earlier. 

      When I had kids of my own, I'd be so excited about their birthdays and planning their celebrations, be it their major First birthday celebration or a simple Non-Party at home. I take care of everything so I would be very busy weeks ahead. And yes, I always give special attention in preparing the Loot Bags. 

      I have three rules that I live by in preparing Loot Bags. First, it must be centralized on a single theme. Second, the contents must be edible and/or useful to the children who will be receiving them. Third, it must be made by me (even if buying a set can be super tempting).

      The second and third rules are easy to follow. The first rule gets a bit difficult when my children is interested in a not-so-popular theme or character. I usually end up branding non-character items with the chosen party theme just so I could pull the whole Loot Bag together. 

     For my first son's first birthday party, the theme was My Friends Tigger and Pooh. Can you imagine how difficult it is to find Tigger and Pooh merchandise without Piglet? Thankfully,  I found a tin coin bank with just Pooh and Tigger at Divisoria pa talaga (Kinareer!). I used that and just filled it with candies and Pooh and Tigger stickers. I couldn't find a picture now. Maybe later. 

     One thing I have noticed with my Loot Bag preparation experience is that the smaller the party, the better the Loot Bag. Limited ang budget, teh. 

     Below are some of the Loot Bags I have prepared in the recent past. I couldn't find the pictures of a few. Sayang.  

Elmo-Themed Drinking Cups
Purchased from Ebay.
I made my own cardboard pocket container from art products with the theme
Jake and The Neverland Pirates.
The watercolors and other items were either pirate or sea - themed. 
No pirate-themed party will be complete without gold coins. 
I made my own Loot Cups with Henry Hugglemonster as theme. 
The same Loot Cups as above but labeled it with Pocoyo character this time. 
I don't like the Jollibee party bag because it tears easily. I got the bags
a day earlier and placed them in better loot bags. I also added more treats inside. 
These bags were from Gaisano Ilustre at only 20php each.
I placed assorted labeled (with proper theme stickers) loots inside. 
The easiest Loot Bag to make is one with the Mickey Mouse theme.
Andaming merchandise available. I got carried away kaya ang laki ng bag.
Loot Bags for a Jungle-Themed Party. The Lootbags in bright colors
were placed on a green table and complemented the green-colored cake.
Lego Food Box
A look inside the Lego Food Box
Lego Minifigure Box. Bricks inside.
Pattern was from the Net. 
These small bottles hold M&Ms inside.
I made these for my Mom Milagros and her twin Mario's
60th Birthday celebration last year.  
The giveaways during my granparents' White Diamond Anniversary.
Caricature Button Magnets from a supplier in Ortigas and Chocolate Blocks. 

         The little ones' birthdays are fast approaching. I let them choose their own theme and the themes they have chosen for this year are very challenging. I'll write birthday posts for each of their birthday after the fact. For now, their chosen theme is secret muna.