Saturday, April 18, 2015

Smoothie Challenge


      Aliq and Zayeed have been bugging me for days to allow them to do a smoothie challenge and tonight, I finally gave in.  

       The Smoothie ingredients that they will use are : Milk, Milo, Peanut Butter, Durian Jam, Lemon, Cookies, Mixed Vegetables, Cheese, Banana and Pomelo. The dynamics of this challenge is that they will make a smoothie each made up of five of these ingredients. They will get their respective ingredients by drawing lots. After making the Smoothie, they have to drink it. I think it's gross. They think its fun. 

       Aliq picked cookies, vegetables, cheese, milo and pomelo. Zayeed picked durian jam, lemon, milk, banana and peanut butter. Let's see how the challenge turned out. 

        They enjoyed doing the Smoothie Challenge. And I have to admit, I had fun, too.

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