Tuesday, February 9, 2016

A Minecraft Party

from wikipedia

       I have two sons who are both crazy about Minecraft. It was inevitable that I throw a Minecraft party. It was my second son who requested a Minecraft themed party for his 6th birthday. This one was a bit demanding as he told me all the stuff he wanted for his party that he found in google. He practically drew me a peg board. 

       As usual, I decorated the house for his birthday and he served merienda for his classmates during recess in his school. 

       The following are the pictures of the birthday spread at home:

Afternoon merienda for the people at home.
(Except those who were fasting.)

We blasted some TNTs (Coke & Mentos Bomb)

          The following are the pictures taken during his merienda Kanduri during recess time in his school. They only have a 15-minute break. The food consisted of spaghetti, chicken lollipon, cupcakes and Chuckie choco drink. The loot consisted of gems (chocolates) placed in a Minecraft plastic lootbag and Minecraft minifigures placed in Minecraft cardboard lootbox. 

One Happy Birthday Boy